Friday, January 10, 2014

flying higher

I have the most beautiful light (& view) in my studio/office space / beginning art journal pages / les blank double page spread + art supply stuff / I'm starting with a vintage paper collage background /  hello handsome Oliver (iMac desktop) he must be away on his break :-) + check out cool extra large Susan Black for MagnetWorks mouse pad (bottom right corner) / this turned into this

Always seek less turbulent skies. 
Hurt. Fly above it. Betrayal. 
Fly above it. Anger. Fly above it. 
You are the one who is flying the plane. 

Marianne Williamson 

You can catch another freakin' fantastic episode of Super Soul Sunday with Marianne Williamson here.
I've already listened to it a dozen times or more & I get something new & wonderful each time ;-)

I'm already Flying higher this brand new year with Faith, Surrender & Letting Go my most excellent travelling companions. Faith is so much about letting Badness be. Letting bullies puff & pontificate while you walk away, head held high, "can't touch this" 'tude an invisible, impenetrable armour of sorts. Surrendering doesn't mean giving up or giving in. Surrendering is having Faith. Believing in the good, trusting in myself completely, knowing that karma always come a knockin' and allowing that Madam Universe is taking care of every little thing. I'm not saying it's easy this surrendering with Faith but I know with all my heart that it's the exact right thing for right now ;-)

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher 

Oprah Winfrey


  1. Wonderful photos of your creative space dear Susan and the finished art. Surrendering and letting go is not giving in, going along with the flow makes the journey less bumpy and there are many good surprises along the way. I have let go of all expectations so I am not feeling so hurt now.
    Love and hugs to all.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I just LOVE how you capture your workspace. It is inspiring...and makes me want to clean up and organize mine! :D xo