Thursday, September 20, 2012


early morning golden & ice & blue along the salt mine road Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Golden hour, a.k.a. magic hour, is the first and last hour of sunlight in the day, known for producing great photographs due to its magical lighting qualities. 

Denise from Cabin Studio Press (see members list at right) mentioned the golden hours as a possible photo challenge. I do walk early in the morning with my best girl Winnie Dixon so I'm often out n' about in the morning version of that golden time. I have a perfect view of the harbour and the west from my studio office and I do sometimes rush out with my camera just before the sun sets to capture the golden beauty & long shadows of dusk.

This No. 4 challenge is to get yourself out in the golden hours. Keeping in mind all the previous challenges. Post a series, a photo essay, of your experiences exploring & observing your life in the golden hours.

I do consider this Passionate Observer's blog to be a club. It's not my blog but a members blog. But to be a successful club you need participation from the members. I need you, your comments & ideas. I'm feeling like I'm at this alone & it's no fun by myself. I have a blog. So please participate or if maybe you've decided that you don't have time, or turns out this club is not your thing - that's OK too I completely understand but let me know that will you ? 
I feel like I'm posting to air. Thanks, Susan

next post in 2 weeks - Oct 03