Thursday, September 20, 2012


early morning golden & ice & blue along the salt mine road Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Golden hour, a.k.a. magic hour, is the first and last hour of sunlight in the day, known for producing great photographs due to its magical lighting qualities. 

Denise from Cabin Studio Press (see members list at right) mentioned the golden hours as a possible photo challenge. I do walk early in the morning with my best girl Winnie Dixon so I'm often out n' about in the morning version of that golden time. I have a perfect view of the harbour and the west from my studio office and I do sometimes rush out with my camera just before the sun sets to capture the golden beauty & long shadows of dusk.

This No. 4 challenge is to get yourself out in the golden hours. Keeping in mind all the previous challenges. Post a series, a photo essay, of your experiences exploring & observing your life in the golden hours.

I do consider this Passionate Observer's blog to be a club. It's not my blog but a members blog. But to be a successful club you need participation from the members. I need you, your comments & ideas. I'm feeling like I'm at this alone & it's no fun by myself. I have a blog. So please participate or if maybe you've decided that you don't have time, or turns out this club is not your thing - that's OK too I completely understand but let me know that will you ? 
I feel like I'm posting to air. Thanks, Susan

next post in 2 weeks - Oct 03


  1. Hi Susan,

    I love this challenge as it is my new fave time to shoot. I have been thinking that we should try choosing one word and shoot however we interpret that word. "UP" for example, or "SHADOW", "BLACK" "WHITE"...etc. then we could choose our best three or best one even to display, talking about the technical aspects as well as our interpretation. Then, we could do a chain link type thing where we display our shot, then we link to the next person in the group. I saw this last idea on another photo club blog and thought it was cool and holds us all accountable to post and share around. I would be willing to put together a word list to shoot from. Also, I will email you my email addy.

  2. Hooray Dalyce ... I'm needing some help here. My own passionate observer seems to be on vacation (somewhere else) & though I still try and take my camera with me most of the time there currently is not much passion in my photography. I've been so obsessed with taking pictures, for so many years now, it's not much wonder my spark had dimmed a little but I want (& need) to be inspired and encouraged by others - by my cohorts here at the Passionate Observer's club ;-)

    yes please compile a list and send it to me I think word interpretations are a great idea. In fact I'd be thrilled to post and ideas, questions, topics that anyone might suggest. Just type things up and email me & I'll post promptly.

    here's a link to the famous shutter sisters Sept. word prompts

    Thanks so much Dalyce !!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Although I drop by your own blog daily for my dose of lovely art and photography, I find I'm not having enough time to work on the Passionate Observer assignments. I think I'll have to resign from the club for now, but I'll be keenly following the others on your list.
    So sorry...I dislike being a quitter, but I can only juggle a few things at a time :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean Sara ... I just don't want to feel that people are counting on me to be doing regular posts if that's not actually necessary so thank you for letting me know. I won't at all consider it a quit & will leave your name in the members list (it's nice for people who might stumble by us to have a link to your own photo bias blog ;-)

    I'm thinking that our challenges will be every 2 weeks or even once a month. My photo mojo has left me, temporarily I'm sure, because I too have so many other things on the at the moment. Thanks for checking in. xo S

  5. I say ditto to all of the above! I am feeling chained to my printing presses for the next few months.... and then there is the Moose boy + his volunteer work!!, but love taking photos, besides product shots!! How about once a month? I hope you find your photo mojo soon. Denise

  6. I wish there were more hours.. I had wished to take part in this but I am stretched. Your work had been appreciated, please know that. gwen

  7. As you know, I'm visiting Aistralia for five weeks but I'm still a passionate observer! I've been out of Internet range for the last week but I'll be catching up in the next couple of days. Will also think up a few suggestions & theme ideas ASAP. This newest challenge is an inspiring one & as I woke up at five thirty this morning, I've got the first couple of images already

  8. I posted a new challenge on my blog. Hope to inspire some shutter bugs! Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canucks!