Wednesday, August 22, 2012

love the light

the simple act of prepping strawberries for the freezer becomes gorgeous because of the light

Light makes photography. Embrace light. 
Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. 
Know it for all you are worth, 
and you will know the key to photography.
George Eastman

Week 3 challenge - love the light while you approach your 10 (or more) snippets/slices of life this upcoming week.

Once again document your life
(places, people, pets etc) while exploring a variety of lighting situations plus continue to see your world from different & unexpected vantage points.
Also, again, try abstracting some photographs down to simply colour, light & shadow.  

I would love to hear your ideas, thoughts & suggestions - what kind of challenges, tips, lessons would you like to find here at A Passionate Observer - tell what you think please. 

& inspired by another passionate observer, my friend RosaMaria from La Vida Compartida - A Shared Life


  1. One can never shoot enough in the "golden hours"
    what do ya think about that suggestion?!

  2. an excellent suggestion Denise & the golden hours 2 of my favourite times of day.

    omg ! I made a link in the comments (googled it ;-)

  3. LOVE the golden hour for shooting. I have some amazing golden hour shots of my girl from our trip to the lake.

  4. Red...amazing color and light here! I'm trying to get back on track with photos this week after a much needed break from blogging. One thing I would like to mention with respect to all the wonderful blogs I've visited that are also participating. I love what everyone has done...but unfortunately I have been unable to comment on a few sites due to my not being able to get those darn word verifications correctly...I give up after two or three attempts, and feel badly that I haven't been able to express my admiration for their photos. Everyone has done some really wonderful photos...thanks for putting this together Susan!!