Sunday, July 22, 2012

welcome (finally)


welcome (finally) & some club members details

Well aside from the fact that I am technically an idiot (which is a very long, drawn out & pretty boring story) here we are back at Blogger because my pea size technical brain could not / would not grasp creating a blog I was happy with & felt comfortable working in over at Wordpress - I feel like such a dummy because as soon as something becomes remotely technically challenging in the slightest manner (computer lingo, instructions etc..) - my brain freezes up, I begin to yawn & give up - thank goodness it applies only to items of the technical variety - phew !!

But that's good news, my ineptness, my care free & tres casual way, 'cause it also applies to photography. Good news for you because if I can take beautiful & meaningful photos in my hap hazard, tres simple & basic way, then so can you. My camera is always set to automatic & I never use a flash.

Not that I wouldn't love to take the time to properly learn how to use the bevy of bells, whistles, tricks & thrills that my much loved Canon girl PowerShot G-12 (if you're in the market for a camera - 5 thumbs up !!) is capable of ... but I don't really have the time nor it seems - the inclination yet. I am hoping that as this course/club progresses we will take the time together to explore the wild & crazy world of f-stops, ISO speed, tripod use, lighting ... bells & whistles included. I'll learn along with you all. Sound fun ?? OK, then off we go ...

Ideally every member of the the Passionate Observer club will have a blog that they can upload their images to & will link to that blog in the comment section of this blog (when we have photo challenges & theme assignments). Some of you who have existing blogs may want to set up a separate blog or perhaps have 1 or 2 days of your existing blog's weekly posts devoted to uploading PO images (for all of us to visit). It's so easy to set up a blog (at Blogger ;-) and I believe it's all part of the process of becoming a Passionate Observer - having a place to archive & document your images.

Hands up in the comments please - who does not have a blog ? & is not interested in creating one ?

I'm really hoping that all of you will jump on the online visual diary-ness of having a blog - even if you never write a word I can guarantee you - you won't be sorry. It has been by far the most meaningful & therapeutic thing that I have done for me ever - creating 29 Black Street. Words will never express how grateful I am for the amazing visual (& written) record of my life's journey over the past 5 years. 

I will create a linking list in the sidebar of all you Passionate Observer members with links to your photo blog/or existing blog. So if you could please - sign up as a member in the comments of this welcome post with a link to your blog.  Also please leave any questions, suggestions, ideas etc... here in the *comments section.

Welcome fellow passionate observers - tune in again on Wednesday for the first lesson & photo challenge.  xo Susan - OK it seems the comments are working - hooray !!


  1. Hello, again! I don't have a blog, but will give it a try via Blogger. I have guests arriving a bit later today until Tuesday afternoon, so my attempt will need to wait until then. Thanks for doing this, Susan!

  2. What Kathie said. I'll set up something in Blogger so I can participate.

    1. Okay Susan, I'm ready...

  3. Hi Susan,

    I would like to join in!
    Dream Big blog:


  4. My photo blog for this project will be "Snapshot" at
    Thanks Susan!

  5. Hmmm, will ponder about where to post participatory photos.

  6. Hi Susan. My blog is and I am thrilled to be part of this community. Can't wait to get started on the themes and challenges. Thanks! Dalyce

  7. Oops! Left a comment with intent to join the fun on the wrong post...Hope this will suffice. Looking forward to it.

  8. Back from month long hiking adventure.... can I still join in or wait until next time? Mom + Dad hiked my big paws off!!! Tail wags,